Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Greateset Way to start off your snow break thingy.

Alright so you see, i'm at church right, and well, charles calls mea nd is like you wana go to hooters? i was like sure come get me, so he shows up. Yeah but the chick who was with him, her mom woulnd't let him drive with more than one person but sean was there. So i got in seans car. i didn't know who he was though. So i'm like hey i'm kamen, hey i'm sean. see. and we started driving and we didnt' knwo where they were. we hopped on teh bypass and he looks at me and goes "oh by the way, i'm only 15" i was like ahhh! but we were goin and we got to conference drive and i was like next one, turns out there was no next one for 15 miles, we went a long way. it was his 2nd time to drive on an interstate. we finally got off in madison. and we were guna hop on the right way but missed it again. so we went back and got on. then we were heading back towards rivergate. we missed the first one again and just got off on teh next exit, we then proceeded to go throug the mall parking lot nad eventually got to hooters. we got in hooters and ate lots of food iwth charles, racheal, taylor and brittany. it was fun. Then Sean took me home. SO yeah, i didn't know this kid, road aroudn all night with him. and he was only 15. it was great! We broke 6 laws that we could think of.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I found this interesting.

Well today I kinda wasn't in the mood to go to school after not getting much sleep from warmth but it was a good day. We didn't do much at all, just a nice laid back day. I ended up leaving 4th block early which was a bummer. We had Charlie Brown as our sub. BUt I had to go to the orthodontist and get more annoying little retainers. That lasted forever though. I got all my texting permently removed too but then my mom got mad cause she told them only to remove that and the cingular people also took off my tv including HBO. But it's all back now which is a very good thing. I also went to Vanderbilt for some music. But in this day I read a neat article about Psalm 23. It was telling how the Lord God Johovah's name was hidden 7 times throughout the Psalm. Here is an example I took from the article.“ The Lord is my shepherd, this word shepherd is translated Raha. David is saying Jehovah is my Raha, my shepherd. This word Raha is defined; to associate with, to be a companion to, and, to be a special friend. This is a perfect picture of Jesus and His twelve disciples. He associated with them, He was their companion, and He finally called them friends. Jehovah Raha, our Shepherd, our associate, our Companion, our Friend. You can check out the article here.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Warmth In Winter 07

Hey guys, this is my first post on this thing. I just spent the weekend in downtown Nashville at the United Methodist Youth Conference Retreat, Warmth In Winter. This has been a super fun weekend and me and all my friends had a blast. The speaker this year, Drew Dyson of New Jersey, was incredible. He talked about how we as Christians and as a church had always been building fences to keep people out. He made it clear that forever we havn't always accepted everyone and shown Gods love and not done everything we should as Christians. This really was a great message for me and I loved it. He also taught me that no matter how terrible and bad something in your life could be, God loves you. Even though I'd heard it before, this weekend was when I actually agreed Completely. Aside from that, The Knapsack Heroes played a show at WIW on Saturday and did an amazing job. Their set was really good and the sound was great. I'm glad I went and I can't wait till next year it'll be a blast. But now that I'm home I am doing some homework and then I don't know what I'll be doing for a bit. I was planning on going to see Annie but I'm to warn out from the weekend but I'm planning on going to church later tonight and to coffee house stuff. It shall be fun.